Move Out

Housing & Meals

Moving away from home might be the single biggest catalyst in a students’ growth as they begin college.  When students move away, they’re forced to learn how to manage their time, their relationships, and their schooling.  Emerge is designed to help students maximize this change in their life circumstances.  Our Campus Pastors guide each student, teaching them the skills they need to live away from home.

Emerge students are housed in Host Homes from a local Covenant Church.  We’ve asked churches to host multiple students, not just one, so each Emerge Student has a friend who is experiencing the same life circumstance within their church family.  Each host home is recommended by the pastoral staff of the church and goes through a background check before students enter the home.  Host homes participate in host home training and are followed up with through out the school year.  Emerge students receive their meals through the host home as well.

At the beginning of the school year, every student walks through our Host Home Expectations that outline how to graciously live with a new family for the school year.  We encourage our students to do their best to learn about their host family and to participate in their lives.  The relationship between the host family and our students is key and we’ll do everything we can do help students and host home have a great experience.


Go To College

Community College

The term Community College is an oxymoron.  Students often find that it’s difficult to find real community at Community College because of the commuter nature of the school.  Emerge creates a loving community for Community College students within the local church and on campus.  Our students are encouraged to meet with their mentors and campus pastors on campus.  Before school even begins, our students know other Emerge students attending the same school.

66% of College Graduates leave school with a pile of debt.  Student debt is now larger than credit card debt in the United States.  Emerge Students attend an affordable Community College to earn their two year Associates Degree.  Simply enrolling in college doesn’t guarantee that a student will graduate.  In fact, over 50% of students who enroll in college will never graduate.  With Emerge, our Campus Pastors act as Academic Advisors to help our students navigate their Community College journey.  Emerge students utilize their academic advisors at the Community College and then talk about their direction in school with their Campus Pastor and Mentors. 


Get Ahead

Growth Intensives:

College is the first time in a young person’s life that they’re free to manage their time and go off on adventures.  Several times during the year, Emerge students come together for growth adventures.  We’ll travel together to SpaceX to see the company that’s going to put people on Mars and we’ll be exposed to some compelling leaders in diverse settings as we visit Inner-City Oakland.  All of these adventures are designed to help students experience the broader world around them while teaching them some necessary life skills.  We want students to dream big with regards to their potential and know that with some hard work, they can gain the necessary skills they need to succeed in life.


Leadership Experience:

Students volunteer 10 hours a week of their time in their local church.  This could be volunteering in Jr. High Ministry, Children’s Ministry, helping lead worship, serving as a tech, or helping with the upkeep of a church facility.  We want Emerge students to be connected within their local church and to experience the blessing of serving.



Emerge Students are paired up with a Mentor from within their local church.  This person is different than the Campus Pastor in the life of our students.  The Mentor is there to regularly sit down and talk about the students’ life.  We encourage our mentors to speak into the lives of our students and to be their biggest fan.  Every student needs several adults who are crazy about them who are not their mom and dad.  Our Mentors are in the lives of students to encourage and offer their own life wisdom.


Cohort Experience:

Every week, our students meet in a cohort with their Campus Pastor.  Together in their cohort, students walk through a life curriculum designed to help them gain some essential skills for living.  Our students will experience Financial Peace University to help them learn and understand how money works and how to manage their personal finances.  They’ll learn some of the historic spiritual disciplines and spend time reading the Bible.  We want each student to move forward down their spiritual path and deepen their relationship with God.


Our Campus Pastors:

Students today don’t want a sage on the stage, they want a guide by their side.  Students are looking for deep and personal relationships, not wisdom thrown at them from far away.  Our Campus Pastors are loving and caring adults who want to be in the lives of college students.  They have a heart to see emerging adults grow up and into all that God has created them to be.  For this reason, the Campus Pastor is the guide that will walk with our students through their time with Emerge. 

Campus Pastors undergo a background check and have experience working with young people.  They follow up with our host homes to see how our students are doing within the home.  They follow up with the local churches to see how the volunteer ministry is going and if there’s anything our students’ could do to improve their experience.  They connect with student’s parents as well, sharing some general prayer requests and program goals to keep parents informed.

Year 2 of the Program:

This is the second year of Emerge and we are continuing our Emerge Group in Sacramento and in process of opening one in Los Angeles.  We’re looking for students who are interested in moving away for Community College and living with a host home.  In this second year, we’re looking for students who can be flexible as the program develops and who understand that we will be doing everything we can to help them succeed personally, academically, and spiritually.  The second year will set the course for future generations of Emerge Students and we’ll be inviting students to share their experience and input with us.