Host Home Experience

We are so thankful that you’re thinking about becoming a Host Home for an Emerge student this year. 

The Host Home is a vital part of the entire Emerge program and without you, we wouldn’t be able to offer a low cost college education to students.  When you open up your home, you’re opening up your life to be used by God in the lives of our students.  To learn more about Emerge, read through our Overview.

Emerge combines the affordability of Community College with the life transforming experience of moving away from home.  By opening up your home, you're giving Emerge students the opportunity to experience college life away from home.  Our students enroll full time in a local community college and dive deep into the life of a local Covenant Church.  During the week, Emerge students attend school, meet one on one with their mentors, and are guided by a Campus Pastor each week as they develop the skills they need to succeed in life.  They serve 10 hours a week in volunteer ministry and periodically get away for retreats and growth intensives.  The Campus Pastor is the constant guide in the lives of our students and is the main point of contact for Host Homes as well.  It’s our hope that Emerge students will experience a loving and caring Christian home while they participate in Emerge.

What does the Host Home experience look like?

A family from a Covenant Church opens their home to one or more Emerge students for the school year – August through May.  This is a ten-month commitment.

The Host Home provides:

·      A separate bedroom for the student (two students may share a room with separate beds but not with host home family members)

·      A bathroom (students can share a bathroom with other family members)

·      Access to a washer and dryer

·      Meals (students are invited to join you and your family for meals during the week.  There are night when the students will be out doing ministry or participating in on-campus fellowships)

·      Access to a kitchen and stocked pantry (students will need to pack lunches and enjoy snacks at home)

·      A few chores to help around the home (we want our students to lend a hand when it’s appropriate)

If you think that being a Host Home is a ministry and a gift that you would like to give to an Emerge Student, please fill out the Host Home Form below.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Host Home Application

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