Emerge is a comprehensive Community College Program designed to help students earn their two-year Associates Degree through a California Community College while developing the life skills they need to succeed in life.  We are currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 School Year in Sacramento and we're in the process of developing a Los Angeles Group as well.

move out

Perhaps the single biggest catalyst for a student's growth is moving away from home.  Emerge Students move out from their home communities and come to live in a "Host Home" provided through a local Covenant Church.

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Go to college

Community College is an affordable option for students to begin their college education.  Unfortunately, the majority of students who being college, never finish.  Every Emerge Student is provided with Academic Accountability to help them stay on the path towards graduation.  Even though it's called "Community College," it's often difficult for students to develop meaningful relationships at school.  Emerge is designed to help every student develop relationships at school and within the program.

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get ahead

Today, a high IQ isn't enough to get ahead in life.  Students entering the job market need relational skills to navigate the work place.  They need financial skills to handle their money and faith skills to cling to the promises of God.  Our Emerge students are guided by a Campus Pastor who walks with them through Community College, teaching them vital life skills to help prepare them for their future.

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Emerge is an initiative of the Pacific Southwest Conference.  We are a mission region of the Evangelical Covenant Church, serving Covenant churches across Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.  Click here for more information about The Youth Initiative